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Whether an employee, facilitator or leader, you can learn how to hold potential for transformation within your team and broader organisation. Human transformation involves a fundamental shift in outlook or worldview.


Sometimes sparked by a disorienting dilemma at work, such as an organisational restructure, navigating these unchartered waters can often be a time of confusion. There are core skills that you can develop to enable you to hold a space for yourself and others who may be going through a period of transformation. 




Be a supportive and compassionate colleague 

Most of us know of team members that are having a challenging time at work. A disorienting dilemma can impact any of us at any time. Understand how to transform this challenge into an opportunity for growth. 




Support others through the fog of transformation 

Human transformation can be a confusing time and often what once made sense no longer does.  





Role model transformation 

Learn how to become comfortable with the uncomfortable, whether that be the unknown state of the future or traditionally uncomfortable emotions. 

Holding the Potential for Transformation Program

We design and deliver bespoke programs based on the unique needs of your team or community.
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