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Develop adaptive leaders and teams 


Over 80% of organisational change programs fail to deliver their intended outcome.

Be one of the 20% who are successful. 



                                    Build your profile as a proactive change leader 


Learn the tools that will help you proactively manage the people side of change programs.





                                                  Gain respect and trust 


Utilise proven communications techniques that help keep people informed as much as reasonably possible




                                              Deliver projected outcomes 


Be one of the 20% of change programs that effectively delivers it aims and objectives. 

In the Managing Change program, you will learn:


  • The fundamentals of change including the neuroscience behind human change.

  • How to conduct a change impact assessment, stakeholder assessment, communications plan, resistance plan, and training needs analysis.

  • How to get the best return on your investments of time and resources when it comes to managing a diverse group of early adopters, challengers, and change resistors.

  • How to create a compelling vision and influence and guide your stakeholders and team through the ups and downs of change.

Program Delivery

In-house program delivery. Minimum of 12 participants. 

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